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Trademark Engraving
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Fully Custom Identification


Line Identification To Your Specification


Enhance Your Desk With Classic Name Bars

Looking for high quality laser engraving?

Glad you found us.

Laser engraving is unique in that it can be used to mark or cut any raw material from stainless steel, glass, wood, to plastic and aluminium.

Choosing the correct material for your needs is easy with our help. The design technology let's your logo be used on your product.


Plastics now come in a wide range of colours and styles to coordinate with design style or company's scheme.


Timeless for decorative pieces and personalized gifts, have your photo preserved perfectly.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is permanent and weather resistant making it the ultimate choice for long lasting, weather resistant signage.


Ideal for informational purposes, laser engraved aluminum plates are easily attached to doors, walls, panels or equipment.

Some Of Our Products
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About us
We are a new and enthusiastic business striving to build a reputation of reliability and efficiency.

The team

Marie Allchurch
Owner / Operator
Who we are

We are a local Medicine Hat company, with pride in ownership and exceptional standards backed by a depth of knowledge when it comes to understanding demands throughout the various industrial and oilfield sectors.

What we do

Lead time is paramount, you don't always know what you need until you need it. We get that.

We work with you provide the identification products that will meet your specifications in a time frame that will work for you.


We are always available to answer questions and concerns and help you get an order on time.

Drop us a line at 403-878-6555 or [email protected]

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